Sunday, January 27, 2013

Art and More Art

Much of my artwork can be seen at I am adding more every day. Here are some examples:
Sell Art Online Old ruins in Tasmania Photography Prints Oakwood Cemetery in Jefferson, Texas

A lot of the artwork on Fine Art America is photography, and while that can be beautiful, do not deprive yourself of hand painted art. The hand of the painter on the brush, using real paint that gets on their hands and on their easel and well as on the canvas, is a time-honored tradition. Many of the artists, including this writer, have original paintings available as well as reproductions of various types, such as stretched canvas, metal, and archival paper.
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Get Back on Weight Watchers!

I have slacked off in the weight maintenance department. I am still attractive and in a tight 4 at just over 5 feet, but there is an alarming trend going on. It really is harder to maintain than it is to lose--at least for me. So I must step on the scale and go back on the plan. But--instead of 26 points a day, I'll go upward to about 30. I probably need to lose less than 10 pounds anyway. So, if you're on a gaining trend, stop! and go the other way now. Regain that momentum that helped you lose. The first step is always the hardest, as we well know.